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The first pools built in Ukraine were made of concrete. As they say, the classics of the genre. But why so? All our compatriots knew exactly what concrete is. It is reliable. Bridges, underground tunnels, buildings – all of this are made of concrete. The term of full hardening of concrete is more than 200 years. Thus, throughout this period, it becomes stronger. Strengthened by a double layer of reinforcement and covered both from the inside and outside with lining, it is not afraid of heat, frost, ground water, or mechanical impact. However, when constructing a concrete pool you need to know many subtleties. For example, one of the obligatory conditions for the construction of a concrete pool is its one-time filling with concrete. In other words, it is impossible to fill the bottom today, and tomorrow the walls of the pool, as if the bottom began to harden, then it will never become a one piece with walls. In this case, the basin of a concrete pool cannot be called a monolith, capable of withstanding all the foreseeable loads. As mentioned earlier, there are many such nuances: correct reinforcement, the choice of brand of concrete with special additives, a niche for further installation of in-place device parts, and so on. Over a period of work that exceeds 10 years, we have successfully recognized all these subtleties, and, inviting for cooperation, we confidently guarantee you will get a “no problem” pool, which you and your children will enjoy for many decades!

We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years.