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Polypropylene pools take a worthy place in the arrangement of the Wellness Zone. In terms of price, they are the most attractive. However, the price is not their only advantage. Polypropylene – a sturdy and elastic sheet material, from which you can make a pool of any shape. And in some cases it is absolutely indispensable! For example, the pool being built on the roof of the building or on any other non-basement floor should be lighter, because even a few tones of water will push the load-bearing structure. Or in the case when, as building is completed, when the construction of the walls and ceiling has already been completed, the customer (and he has this right) decided that he should have a pool and demanded to make appropriate adjustments to the project. If there is an opportunity to pour concrete through the window or other openings – the problem is solved. But this is not always possible. Consequently, concrete is excluded, and the glass-fiber basin can not be put into the room. What is left? Polypropylene! It is easy to put in the necessary room and make, as already mentioned, a pool of any shape.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years.