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Bio-pools and swimming lakes


In general, bio-pools and swimming lakes are the same thing. It is both a pool and a pond “in one bottle”. For a person hearing this first time sounds like nonsense. There is a very different approach to the maintenance and operation of these two types of reservoirs. In pond lives fish and grow plants, so the usual chemistry for swimming pools is categorically prohibited there. So how can this symbiosis be possible? The fact is that chemistry in bio-pools is not used at all! After all, in natural reservoirs, such as rivers, seas, lakes there is no filtering and no decontamination. Therefore, taking as a basis the natural methods of filtration with the help of plants, microorganisms and fish, specialists of our company create a unified ecosystem for the pool and the lake, which is, in essence, connected vessels. The name “swimming pond” means the opportunity to swim. For these purposes, in pond there are bounding walls of basin, within which it is possible to engage in water procedures without harming fish and plants. It is worth noting that bio-pools or swimming poonds are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the civilized world, because of the lack of any chemical treatment in them.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years.