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Streams and waterfalls


Someone loves static relaxation, and has the right to do this, and someone likes a constant movement. Someone goes to rest on the sea or the lake, and someone to the fast rivers. Someone likes calm water, and somebody raging water. If there is a slope on your land plot, this will allow you to arrange an artificial stream. For example, from the upper point of the site, where the accumulation of large stones (of course, artificial origin) is located, water flows and flows along the man-made channel, lined with stones and pebbles, flowing into a small water body. From the bottom point water under the pressure of the underground pipeline created by the pumps returns to the top point. Such a closed circle. An artificial stream can be made in different ways. At the top, there may not be stones, but, for example, an amphora or something else from which water flows. To make channel more natural, it can be made winding, and not straight with the same or different width of the shores. At the point of exit of water in the creek or along the channel can be arranged artificial thresholds, or even waterfalls. Water that is in motion and in the short-term flight from waterfalls, is saturated with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on water quality and fish in the reservoir will like it very much.

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