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Pool coverings

The opportunity to swim is a great pleasure, and for many people it is a vital need to keep themselves in good health. Unfortunately, the climate of our country, where the summer is short and not always hot, does not allow swimming for long time. Therefore, the majority of people are facing a task in construction of swimming pools – how to extend swimming season? The first solution to this problem is to build an indoor pool. However, such a construction is expensive and it eliminates the possibility of swimming outdoors during such short periods of hot months.


It is a system of movable arched segments.

Debris covers

By installing a debris cover, you can extend your swimming season from April to October, as well as significantly reduce costs.

Roller covering

This covering can be used for heat insulation, wintering and protection, combining several functions.

Solar coverings

Along with the low cost it combines two important factors: keeps heat and protects the pool. You will spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

Sofievskaya Borshchagovka village
PVC liner

Skimmer pool. Protective swimming coating. PVC coating with profiles. PVC liner.

Osokorki village
PVC liner and rolling pavilion

Skimmer swimming pool 10x5m., depth. 1,3-1,7m., rolling pavilion. PVC liner.

Kornyn city
Prefabricated skimmer pool

Prefabricated skimmer pool 8h4, 16 m. depth 1.2m.

Gatne village
Skimmer pool

Skimmer swimming pool 9,5x4,5m, depth 1,1-2,2 m. Rolling pavilion. PVC liner.

Kozin village
PVC liner

Skimmer swimming pool 20x4m., depth of 1,5-1,9 m. PVC liner.

Kozin village
Rolling pavilion, PVC liner

Skimmer swimming pool 8x4m. Depth.1,5m. Rolling pavilion. PVC liner.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years.