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Solar cover


Solar coating is a bubbled liner made of PVC, with which, like roller coatings, it is possible to significantly save the cost of heating the water, its evaporation, reduce spending on chemistry, prevent the ingress of garbage, inferior to the roller shutters only in one thing. It does not provide SAFETY. However, it compensates (if it can be a compensator) by its very low cost. From the whole line of coatings – solar liner – the cheapest option. However, if there are no children and animals, then it may be an ideal solution. One person can make and decompose cover on his own. In part, this process can be mechanized with the help of a winding device operating on the principle of a village well. The curved handle is attached to a dural drum of appropriate length. This device can be either stationary (screwed to the floor by screws) or mobile (on wheels). For this kind of cover, it does not matter whether a swimming pool is being built or it has been functioning for a long time. You can install it at any moment, both in the indoor and outdoor pool.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years.