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Construction of pools, lakes and fountains


From time immemorial, people tried to put their settlements near the water. Man draws to water, man cannot live without water. Now every homeowner wants his home to stand by the lake or by the river. However, not all of this comes out or, rather, not everyone is lucky to do that. All the best places are already occupied. Probably therefore, when designing the house, more and more often it is planned artificial reservoir. Even if it is very small. Aquamaster Company is pleased to offer services in the design and implementation of “turnkey” water areas such as pools, ponds and fountains. To create these artificial reservoirs so that they look natural, you need deep knowledges and experience. In the case of lakes and ponds, you need to know how to filter the water and make it circulate. You need to know what plants and at what depth you can plant, how to care for fish, how to properly provide aeration of water, etc. For fountains, complex hydraulic calculations are required, for pools – calculation of the design of the bowl, installation of complex equipment, chemical treatment. Moreover, water should not leak out. Everything should be tight. We offer a comprehensive and skilled approach. Contact our company, you will not regret it!

We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years.