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Decoration of pools


As they say, every man to his own taste. Something that likes one will never like another person and vice versa. The pool is always a pearl of the house. The decoration of the pool has no effect on its functionality. It is an exclusively emotional and aesthetic moment. Let’s consider three possible variants of finishing of basin: 1. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) liner. The thickness of this liner is 1.5 mm. Reinforced with fine silk thread, with the help of which it has incredible tensile strength. UV resistant, has an antifungal and antibacterial treatment. 2. Glass mosaic. A huge choice in color spectrum and size. At first glance, the glass mosaic is in violation of one of the main requirements for the decoration of the pool – a non-slip surface. Yes, indeed, the mosaic is usually perfectly smooth, but still the effect of not slipping is not overlooked and is achieved due to the large number of joints. 3. Ceramic tile. The most expensive and most reliable material for facing the pool. The ceramics, that is obtained by mixing different clays, squeezing them by pressing and baking at a temperature from 1250 to 1400 degrees Celsius, is incredibly strong. After all, in the end of the nineteenth century it was used for paving roads! Ceramic (or ceramic granite) tile meets all the requirements related to antislip, impact resistance, water absorption, etc.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years.